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"Four months ago I decided to have a personal trainer to set a 3 times a week program of physical exercises for me involving handling of light weights and aerobics to add to my regular twice a week 40- minute continuous swimming. This was in compliance with my Orthopedic doctor's prescription for me to combat Osteoporosis.

This is the first time I decided on having a personal trainer. Gym workout is not new to me, but having my own trainer was something I felt I deserved, specially now that I have developed a debilitating condition which required a program to arrest it from getting worse. Moreover, after years of working out in gyms of health clubs (with state of the art equipment, and expensive membership fees) with minimum supervision from so-called trainers who saw me only during the first few days and on days I vehemently asked for their assistance. I realized that I was paying only for the shiny and complicated gym equipments, thick towels and hot showers. And was told by the staff that if I wanted a trainer to attend to me, even occasionally, I should hire one personally. Can you imagine how much monthly I have to pay these health clubs plus a personal trainer?

This is not to flater Ico Rodulfo, my trainer, who is also a physical therapist. But I think I hit the jackpot when I found him. First of all he is most knowledgeable and experienced about his line of work, evidenced by a program he set up for me that suited my needs, level of strength, and personality. I find him patient and flexible with time and program, but reasonably strict with someone who is 44 years older than him, who tries to rebel once in a while.

I told him after a month of working out wih him that I intend to have him as my trainer on a life time basis. I have been with him for four months now. And needless to say, my Orthopedic doctor is impressed with my improved health."

Carmen Dawson
Manila, Philippines
"I joined our company's 3x a week aerobic program and I lost 10 pounds in just 3 months under Ico's training program."

Ricson Talabucon                                                                                             Manager-VCID
BFS, Makati City
"One of my goals in life is to have good physical and mental condition ……… and what you need is a work out buddy and a goal, someone to push you and for you to push when you need it.  This is where I realized the importance of Ico (Ramon Rodulfo) our wellness and fitness coach who plays a very crucial role to his clients.

Ico is the kind of person who uses his energetic effort in persuading  people to accomplish something. He has the power to encourage somebody “strongly” to do something as habit, for instance, record your exercises and your eating habits. He always tells us that once we reach our goals, that we have to set another one. He also keeps on reminding us to….just don't set them too high but to set to reach in a reasonable amount of time so we will not get discouraged and that everything should be in moderation.

To share with you some of the simple work-out that Ico would always instill to his clients minds are follows:

1.    Run or speed walk or ride bikes
2.    At home do some wieghted side bends, squats and situps
3.    Drink lots of water, take vitamins (not excessively)
4.    Find fun things to do that require a lot of activity
5.    Don't find time to work out instead make time in your schedule because             this is a priority for your physical health as well as your mental health
6.    Swimming is a very good exercise, the water resistance works more than          you realize……..check up on the nearest sports club pools in your area              and find out there if they’re open swim nights. That's also more fun.

ICO……thank you for being a great sports coach and a friend as well."

Office of the CEO /                                                                                             INTERNAL AUDIT
Bahay Financial Services,Inc.
"I used to workout by myself and follow my own self-formulated fitness and diet program. The progress was really slow and was close to nothing. I was completely unaware that all my hard work was pretty much useless. It was when I met Ico that I've learned that hard work is not enough. There were so many other things you need to know like the proper forms in performing body exercises and the various diet programs that support your chosen fitness program. For a year and half, I underwent Ico's fitness and diet program and I was really amazed by the results. I think the good thing in having your own personal trainer is that you get enough encouragement to continue what you have started to achieve your goal. If you can imagine it, you can get it. With Ico as your trainer, you will be forced until you begin to love it. Believe me.. He doesn't take NO for an answer."

Gabriel M. Lajara
University of Asia & the Pacific
"Before I had vertigo and hypertension and I had a strict diet from my cardiologist and neurologist. Ico's program helped me a lot. I no longer experience any attacks.

My weight before was 57 kilos now I’m only 54 kilos after a month of working out with Ico."

Emee V. Billano
"If you want to meet your weight goals fast, safe, and the correct way, Ico's your guy. With his credentials and wealth of experience, all you need to do really is do as he says. This is what I did and I lost 20lbs just 2 months in his program. Not only that, I learned a great deal in controling my metabolism and that there's a lot of useless and unecessary things they let you do in popular and expensive gyms. He is for me one of the best and knowledgeable in the fitness industry. He knows what his doing and his good at it."

Ritchie Catipay
Contact Center Trainer
"I trained with Ico 5x a week between June and December 2009. My goals were to build strength primarily in my legs and also to improve upper body strength along with maintaining a good level of aerobic fitness. However the key for me was to do this without incurring leg injuries that had been troublesome for me in the past.

I am very happy with the service that Ico has provided to me, he kept me very motivated, pushing me to the limit (he works you hard). He changed the conditioning routine (4 times in 6 months) to make it more interesting, and I achieved more than I set out to with him. I think my upper body strength is the best it has ever been and the strength and conditioning of my legs has increased significantly without any of my previous injuries resurfacing which was important for me.

Ico is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his work, he is a good motivator with very good English (I don’t speak Tagalog). Having him as a personal trainer during my stay in the Philippines is one of the best decisions I made during my time in Manila."

Conleth Heron
"Losing weight is one of my greatest achievements in life. I credit it to my best trainer, Ico. Ico is such a good trainer. He really persuades his clients with good motivation and determination when it comes to fitness. He always reminded me that good exercise and good diet could really lead us to a healthy and happy life. Thank you for being a good trainer... friend... and a buddy as well."

Pepito Roldan
United Philippines Lines